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by Awesome Weight Loss Secrets

Thanks for visiting us at Awesome Weight Loss Secrets!  We’re dedicated to providing you with key fitness and weight loss information, to aid you in your weight loss journey.  Our blog seeks to provide you with digestible, actionable advice that you can incorporate into your daily life to become healthier, fitter, and happier. 

Our content is divided up into five primary categories, depending on your personal interests and goals with weight loss and fitness.  These areas are:

Weight Loss Secrets

Your complete guide to all the weight loss advice, tips, tricks, and strategies you need to succeed!  Our weight loss secret articles run the gamut from talking about specific diets to more general dieting advice, recommendations for the best supplements or weight loss pills, reviews of weight loss apps, and much more.  Everything that is solely weight loss-related is found under this category. 


One of the two key components of weight loss, our diet section highlights all of the nutritional advice you need to effectively lose weight.  Without altering your caloric intake, and making sustainable changes to what you eat, when you eat it, and so on, you will be working at a serious disadvantage as you attempt to lose weight.  Diet and nutrition advice offered in our blog will set you up right for healthy, sustainable weight loss, enabling you to keep the pounds off long-term. 


The other important component of weight loss is exercise.  Many people don’t know where to start with workouts or fitness strategies, or may find gyms and equipment intimidating.  Workout advice will help you to target different muscle groups, learn about what to eat for muscle repair and recovery after workouts, provide guides and schedules for various levels of activity and workout routines, and more.  Don’t start your weight loss journey without reading some of our guides – physical activity is critical to not only losing weight but living a healthy life. 


Too often, fitness and weight loss guides focus only on diet and exercises meant to burn calories.  There’s an important additional component to working out and exercising, especially as your body changes – flexibility.  Yoga and similar pursuits offer an ideal platform to help your range of motion, flexibility, and resiliency, especially as your weight and body shape change.  Utilizing our yoga and related articles can help you to find ways to incorporate mindfulness, stretching, meditation, and similar pursuits into your fitness routine. Avoid muscle strain, unnecessary body aches and pains, and even reduce your stress with our help!

Celebrity Weight Loss

Our final category offers inspirational weight loss profiles featuring some of your favorite celebrities.  Remarkable transformations from big name actors, actresses, singers, athletes, and other popular personalities can serve as a great jumping-off point for your weight loss and fitness efforts.  Plus, it’s always fun to read about celebrities’ lives, trials, and tribulations – it makes them seem more human and relatable.  Enjoy!

About Me

Hi there, and thanks for visiting Awesome Weight Loss Secrets!  My name is Rich Jones, and this is my blog.  I started blogging about health and fitness as a way to help people, and empower them to take charge over their bodies.  With a little work and the right tips and advice, anyone can make progress toward reaching their weight loss goals. 

I have an extensive background in personal fitness, training, and bodybuilding, having worked as a personal trainer.  Additionally, as is the case with millions of people, I’ve had the experience of yo-yo dieting and disappointing weight loss results when I was younger.  I know the shame, self-doubt, depression, and other consequences that this can bring. 

But there is hope – you just need to know the what, how, and why of weight loss.  With the information in my blog, you, too, can conquer your weight and reshape your body so that your outward appearance matches the beautiful, fit, healthy person you see in your mind and your heart!